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Read Camille Armantrout's experience with the Women's Intuitive Riding class in November 2022

"I just wanted to tell you, in case someone hasn't in a while, that this learning experience is more than I could have asked for. And sometimes, it takes time, and that's ok too. So, thanks for teaching us, guiding us, backing us up as we learn, and challenging us to grow. It's pretty awesome! ♥"

"Hi Deborah!! I just had to reach out to tell you again how very, very much I am enjoying the class, the women and especially the beautiful horses! I can't begin to express how grateful I am to be able to participate. I have a head full of fantasies of owning my own horse and arranging my life to accommodate spending time getting to know him and learning to ride with confidence and grace. Maybe it will remain a fantasy but who knows?

Thank you for what you do and for sharing yourself and your farm and the horses with us! We should all contribute so much good to the world." - A WIR rider

"I love that you try new things and use your wealth of knowledge and experience in such an open minded and fresh way. That attitude of endless learning with horses and life for that matter is what I love about the special barn community you have created. This approach makes it possible for constant enrichment and improvement of ourselves and the relationship with the horses we love so dearly. They can only benefit from our efforts to understand them better.

I know that you always say how fortunate we are to be surrounded and supported by such a wonderful group of women and that is true. However, I hope you take a moment to step back and realize that it is not happenstance - that you crafted and set the tone and culture that allows us all to feel part of something unique and meaningful.

My daughter's baseball coach who I often quote has a wonderful saying (not sure who said it?) that goes like this "change is inevitable, growth is optional." You have created an environment that has made it possible for us to achieve real personal growth and there is no greater gift that I can think of. It is not easy to do but I never question whether the work or exploration will be worthwhile and am astounded by the growth I have felt since being involved with Blue Skies." - A WIR rider

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE - that's what I feel after today's class!! I'm so happy to be back with you & your herd. And I really, really like the group. Last semester was a profound & powerful learning time in many ways. Now I'm feeling more confident as a member of WIR at Blue Skies. As I said, my dream is grow my confidence as a rider. So thank you for all you do to create this space and attract such amazing ladies!! I'm thrilled to be back. We are all so fortunate to have you as our teacher, guide, and friend! - A Women's Intuitive Rider returnee

"Words can not express all the glorious feelings I experienced this morning which are staying with me! I was thrilled to be with you & your herd. I felt welcome, supported, validated, and respected - especially when fears arose.

You are clearly an exceptional woman - how lovely that you are sharing your gifts with others! I look forward to meeting my group of women and continuing with this soul-honoring experience!
Thank you for your instruction, kindness, sense of humor, and generosity of both spirit and time." -J

"This has been another great session of memories and growth. Thank you so much for being my cheerleader, teacher and friend through the ups and downs of this past year. Your friendship is a treasure to me. No matter where I am, Blue Skies will be my home and safe haven; not just a place to ride."

"Thank you for the best semester ever! You, the farm, the horses and the WIR women are a grounding in my life. I am so grateful for my time with you - Alpha Mare and the herd. Look forward to next semester and having more fun with you."

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Deborah.... You are a teacher with a special touch.
The ability to allow others to open up and feel at home.
This is a precious gift you have been given.
It was obvious how at ease we all felt.
Everyone could truly be themselves.
Thank you Deborah!
I shall return to Blue Skies.
It holds a very dear place in my heart.
-A WIR rider

"Participating in the Women's Intuitive Riding® at Blue Skies of Mapleview has been a dream come true for me. I longed to ride as a child and did not have the opportunity until adulthood. After riding in the states and abroad, with various teachers, I have finally found a stable where I feel 100% at home. The horses are much loved and well kept. It shows in their agreeable demeanor. I would happily ride any of them. Deborah's clear directions and patience have helped me become more confident with the horses, in and out of the saddle. An experienced and knowledgable horsewoman, Deborah continues to learn and shares what she has learned with her students; the mark of a truly gifted teacher. The student, the horse and the interaction between the two is the primary focus of instruction. I really appreciate this, as I have been to stables where the instructor has been less than present. I look forward to my morning at Blue Skies each week!" -M

"Riding mornings are very happy times for me. You are a wizard with both women and beast." -a Women's Intuitive Rider

"I could never thank you enough for your patience with me when I first started your class. I came to this class at a very vulnerable point in my life. Change was surrounding me and I needed some sort of constant, and longed for connection to horses. I never thought it was possible for me to defeat my fears. You and your horses will forever hold a special place in my heart and soul. I look forward to many more memories at Blue Skies." -a Women's Intuitive Rider®

"It has been a wonderful experience for me and a chance that for some reason I had to take - and went for this time, thank GOD. Those horses represent something to me, strength, grace, guidance, endurance. I honestly feel it helped me to make this huge decision I have been in fear to make for years Deborah."  -a Women's Intuitive Rider

Beverly Dyer's art prescriptions: Building trust, Exhilerated view from the saddle, Cantering, Field of Horses, Peaceful, Trail Ride

Women's Intuitive Riding® at Blue Skies of MapleView

Remember your childhood joy of riding across a field of waving green grass on the back of your trusty horse or pony? Want to experience horses for the first time? Has it been thirty years since you threw a leg over a horse but the time to get back is now? Want to do something just for yourself after years of caring for the family or working hard on your career?

Twice a year in August and February, Deborah Pearson-Moyers and the horses of Blue Skies offer the Women’s Intuitive Riding® course. One morning per week (9:15-11:30) for approximately 12 weeks we meet in groups of six women only and explore our unique relationship to these “dolphins of the land”. We learn on-the-ground skills, natural horsemanship, ride bareback, trail ride, whatever your dream is (within the bounds of safety for you and the horses). The first session is for you to set personal goals and then Deborah designs the course to help you meet your goals. This course began in 2003 and each group has been wonderfully different just as are all the women who enroll.

Our horses can carry riders who weigh less than 200lb.

The September 6, 2007 Carrboro Citizen featured a frontpage article on Women's Intuitive Riding® at Blue Skies. Read the article ->

We do fill up so pre-registration is necessary. Call Deborah Pearson-Moyers (919)933-1444.