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Deborah Pearson-Moyers offers afterschool horsesmanship lessons Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, in a thirteen week spring semester and a ten week fall semester. Please call for availability and times. Our group lessons generally do not exceed four to six riders.

This semester course runs from September to Thanksgiving and then again from February to the end of the school year and includes groundwork such as catching, haltering, leading, grooming, equine massage and stretching, as well as riding. We start bareback each semester without tack to develop a good natural seat and an awareness of freeing up the natural movement of the horses. We stretch each lesson and learn to direct the horses with our balance and posture as much as possible. Students earn their saddles and then later, when they will not use them for balance, their reins. It is a slower approach but builds up a foundation of important skills intended to develop a lifetime of good practices around horses developing relationships based on mutual trust and comfort. We specialize in English riding but do have Western saddles available for those who prefer and do emphasize safe trail riding in the beautiful nature surrounding our farm.

Private lessons: Private and therapeutic lessons are available on an hourly basis all year round and must be prebooked at dpmblueskies@hotmail or (919)933-1444. You will be asked to download an application and waiver and pre-pay for your sessions. 24 hour notice is required on all cancellations or charges will be applied.

Our horses can carry riders who weigh less than 200lb.

Riding lesson


What people are saying about us now; During Covid-19 we are strictly following CDC protocols

"That is so kind of you, she truly loves every minute of her lessons. It is such a gift to watch her ride with complete and utter joy. Thank you so much for giving her this opportunity to learn from you, we are so grateful for this slice of happiness each week!" A student's mother

"I have honestly never seen her happier than when she comes home from horseback riding lessons! Thank you so much for your beautiful facility and horses and fantastic instruction program, it has been a bright spot for my daughter over the past few months. She has learned so much." A riding student's mom

"We just love Blue Skies, and her opportunity to ride and be away from the screens as the screen time is really taking a toll on her this fall I think you are a great role model for her and we just feel very blessed for her to have the opportunity with these gentle giants!"

"Thank you, Deborah & Zoe, for the time, thought, and care that went into this creative solution, allowing students to continue their lessons in a safe and appropriate way. "My daughter's" lesson today in the fresh air and sunshine was a welcome break from on-line school and sheltering at home, and it is a blessing for her to have some vestige of normal life in these abnormal times. Thank you!"

"Thanks again for teaching our daughters to be strong, resilient, horse girls. It's more important than ever now."

"Thank you for everything you and Sara are doing to THOUGHTFULLY and CAREFULLY make it possible for us to safely have these precious moments of joy."

From adults:

-A new parent of a rider

Thank you, And, I know I've said this before, but I want you to know how thankful we are for you/Blue Skies. It is "our daughter's" happy place- and that's the horses, but it's even more the spirit of the entire place, which is something you have created. Thank you.- A

This article is amazing! You are a wonderful person. The relationship you have with horses and the students you teach is beautiful. I wouldn't have any other place to send G. You gave her more than just a way to be with her #1 love, horses!!! You gave her the knowledge of horses and the understanding of the horse-human relationship, which is what she NEEDS! (Equine Therapy). Thank you so much for everything! G says she wishes everyday was Wednesday. On weekends she says she wishes she was at your place to groom and care for horses. (She even asked me to pay you for one of your horses, so she will have her own! LOL). The article described your facility perfectly! May God always bless you and your family for the kindness you provide to everyone. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for everything. - J

Blue Skies is my daughter's happy place. I'm so glad she is there for camp and lessons! - R

My daughters have been learning to care for and ride horses at Blue Skies of Mapleview for 8 years, and I really cannot rave about Deborah and Blue Skies enough. Many people associate riding with a heavy emphasis on showing and competing, and there are plenty of barns that cater to that. But if you're looking for a different, more holistic experience, you could not do better than Blue Skies. There, your kids will learn not just riding but also empathy (Deborah's always telling the students "Thank your horse"), responsibility (they tack up and groom the horses as well as ride, and if it rains, they clean tack), and attentiveness (paying attention to their horse's demeanor and mood). Deborah's fantastic with kids patient, gentle, and creative. And she's also super safety conscious, and makes sure her students have mastered and repeated basic skills until they're second nature. Plus, there are the physical benefits of riding it's athletic (anyone who thinks riding is not athletic has never ridden a horse!) and promotes good posture. And it's fun how many things can you say your kid enjoys immensely that also build character and muscles? - A

My girls have been riding at Blue Skies of Mapleview for 8 years, both going to camp and taking lessons (and one is now a junior counselor for camp), and I really cannot rave enough about them. Deborah Pearson Moyers, who runs it, is FANTASTIC with kids - super safety conscious, patient, creative.. She offers a gentle, non-competitive way for kids to learn to care for and ride horses. My girls have learned so much about horses and so much more from her. - AL

I found myself at another barn in Chapel Hill with a friend looking at horses and was just so shocked at how they ran their lessons...the instructor's focus was hardly on their students but when it was she said mostly negative things! The students all had crops and/or spurs and were flying around the ring...I suppose that's one way to learn. Man, am I thankful to have had many of my experiences at Blue Skies and with you. I really think that horses all over are better because of what you teach your students and the hard work you, Peter, and Sonja put into caring for the herd and your students! I feel so lucky to be a part of this!